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Medical Weight Loss & Management


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At Favia Primary Care in Algonquin, Illinois, and Crystal Lake, Illinois we understand how difficult it is to lose weight. Who hasn’t tried a diet that promised immediate results, only to fail to lose the pounds or regain them later?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, weight management can be a real struggle due to genetics, medical issues such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, steroid treatments, and menopause, or as a side-effect of the medications you take. It can be downright disheartening.

But we don’t want you to give up hope. Achieving your weight-loss goals is possible, with physician-supervised weight management – and we’ll ensure you stay healthy in the process.

Here’s how it works: Our staff will examine your overall health and discuss your health history and weight-loss interests. Together, you and your provider will identify weight-loss goals that are practical and appropriate for you and then select the best methods to reach those goals. Your provider will monitor your progress and evaluate your health as you progress through the program.

Our weight loss and management program options

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Customized exercise plans
  • Management of medications to decrease appetite and stimulate metabolism
  • Recommended lifestyle changes

There are many reasons people want to lose weight. In addition to improving your appearance, attitude, and energy levels, achieving a healthy weight for you can help prevent many different medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and even some types of cancer.

Weight Loss Program in Algonquin and Crystal Lake, IL

If you’re interested in making changes in your body’s current shape or size, find out why medically supervised weight loss and management is the way to go. Call the caring providers of Favia Primary Care at (815) 276-0150 or request an appointment online to get started today.

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