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Redness & Rosacea


Redness & Rosacea Treatment | Crystal Lake

Favia MediSpa in Crystal Lake, IL now offers revolutionary Harmony XL Pro™ DYE-VL laser skin clarifying treatments – to remove redness and rosacea, painlessly and without downtime.

Medically called “vascular lesions,” red patches on the skin are typically the result of abnormal veins or blood vessels. Redness can be caused by a variety of factors, including hereditary, “birth marks”, skin injury or irritation, and UV damage. But in many people the cause of the skin redness is undetermined. Hemangioma and rosacea are among the most common types of vascular lesions.  Certain “triggers” can aggravate redness, or cause flare-ups, such as hot drinks, spicy food, red wine, emotions, exercise, medications that dilate blood vessels and more. Redness, rosacea, hemangiomas and other vascular lesions can be embarrassing and undermine a person’s self-confidence.

But the fast, painless Harmony XL Pro™ DYE-VL laser delivers spectacular skin clarifying and redness and rosacea removal – for clear skin that you will love to be in! And these state-of-the-art laser treatments typically only take about 30 minutes to complete in our Crystal Lake office – so you can return to work or resume your daily activities immediately afterwards.

Harmony XL Pro™ DYE-VL will also improve dull complexions, minimize pigmentation or dark spots, smooth the texture of the skin, and create a more overall even skin tone, all of which makes skin look visibly younger and more attractive. And, unlike many other skin resurfacing lasers, the Harmony XL Pro™ DYE-VL is safe for even the most sensitive skin, as well as every skin tone, including darker skin colors. As an added bonus, because the DYE-VL laser works beneath the surface without damaging the visible layers of skin, there is virtually no downtime.

If you would like to finally say goodbye to vascular lesions, redness and rosacea call Favia MediSpa in Crystal Lake, IL to schedule your personal skin rejuvenation consultation – and take the first step toward clear, even, beautiful skin!

How DYE-VL Laser Redness Removal Works

The state-of-the-art Harmony Dye-VL laser is a fifth generation IPL (intense pulsed light) system which incorporates Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) for the most effective skin rejuvenation, with the least discomfort or downtime. The laser light energy is designed to pass through the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and penetrate the sub-surface skin layers without damaging the surface. The laser light energy is then absorbed by the red color (pigmentation) of the hemoglobin in the veins or blood vessels that are causing the problem.

As the red areas are heated, the vessels are closed off – making them much less visible. And as the hemoglobin is broken down, it is absorbed and eliminated by the body over time. The laser also simultaneously stimulates the body’s natural healing processes – resulting in rejuvenation, resurfacing and clarifying of the skin. With the source of the redness eliminated, redness and rosacea vanishes, leaving patients with clearer, smoother and more even skin tone.

Most patients will see dramatically visible results after a single treatment. However, the total number of sessions a patient needs will depend on the condition of the skin, and the extent and location of the redness. On average patients typically only require  3 to 6 laser treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

DYE-VL Laser Redness Removal
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Laser Redness Removal

Laser Redness Removal



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